ELES and GEN-I predict a breakthrough in the process of green transformation with the help of smart grids

At the third professional consultation organized by ELES, the Managing Director of ELES, Aleksander Mervar, MSc and the President of GEN-I’s Management Board, Robert Golob, Ph.D. signed an agreement on the formation of a consortium for the accelerated green transformation of the Slovenian energy sector with the help of smart grids.

Figure 1 (from left to right): Aleksander Mervar, MSc and Robert Golob, Ph.D.

To date, electricity companies in Slovenia have only developed and tested smart grids to a limited extent in the scope of pilot projects financed by various regulatory initiatives, European funds or bilateral partnerships. However, such an approach to the expansion of smart grids will not be sufficient for the accelerated green transformation of the Slovenian energy sector and for ensuring the reliable functioning of the Slovenian electricity system. Changes will have to be made to the current handling of investments in smart networks, relations between suppliers and customers, the functioning of markets and regulations. These changes will require a great deal of commitment and the transcending of traditional relationships between electricity companies and customers.

Although ELES and GEN-I differ in terms of their roles on the energy market, each has taken their own path to the realization that cooperation between stakeholders who possess the knowledge, experience and ideas and who are committed to change is crucial for the green transformation of the Slovenian electricity network. Because those two companies have demonstrated through their past work and achievements that they are equipped with a sufficient level of expertise to facilitate changes for the transition to a sustainable way of life, they have decided to form a consortium for an accelerated green transformation with the help of smart grids.

At the signing of the agreement, the companies’ representatives stressed that the linking of all like-minded stakeholders is crucial for an effective response to climate-related challenges. ELES and GEN-I thus invite anyone able to contribute missing knowledge and ideas for the achievement of their common objectives of a green transformation and transition to a low-carbon society to join them.

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