Focusing on customers leads to new recognition as a most Trusted Brand

Electricity customers have once again confirmed GEN-I as the most trustworthy brand amongst electricity suppliers. Recognition in the scope of the Trusted Brand 2020 research marks the sixth time GEN-I has been declared winner amongst electricity suppliers in Slovenia. We have also been recognized twice in the area of environmental protection.

The trust of customers is the foundation on which we build our efforts to development the best services and offer the best and simplest customer support. For the latter, we invest in both technology and the training of our employees who know, regardless of their position at GEN-I, that our customers always come first. Through digital solutions that facilitate the simple tracking of invoices, change management and continuous communication, we build trustworthy bonds with customers. To those who wish to form such a bond, we offer various ways to switch suppliers. What’s more, we arrange everything necessary remotely for those desiring such an approach. Recognition again as a most Trusted brand brings us great pleasure to know that are efforts are noted and that the foundations of our bonds with customers are increasingly sound. We promise to lay even more foundations to strengthen those bonds further in the future.

Thank you all for your trust.

More about the Trusted brand selection: Research regarding trust in brands was conducted on a representative sample of the entire population in Slovenia, where Reader’s Digest magazine has expanded the previous sample of its readers. In 32 contested categories, respondents assessed their trust in bands in Slovenia on a scale of 0 to 10. They were also afforded the opportunity to propose brands they deem trustworthy. Slovenia has been included in the Trusted Brand research, one of the largest consumer surveys on brand trust in Europe, for 14 years.

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