GEN-I appears in Time Magazine article about the new rules of the game in the area of green energy

Our last ten years has been enriched by several milestones, from which we have learned, gained new experiences and always found enough energy for success. We strive to ensure increased self-supply, more efficient energy consumption, smart energy management and the reduction of the carbon footprint. That will be our combined contribution to the battle against climate change for a high-quality life for us and the generations that follow.

We are particularly proud that we could share our vision with the globally renowned Time Magazine, which will circulate the globe.

In an interview with Dr. Robert Golob, President of the GEN-I Group’s Management Board, included in a special insert about Slovenia, the magazine presented GEN-I from its very beginnings to the present day, when we once again live in a time when changes in the energy sector are unavoidable due to the rapid development of digital and electricity-related technologies.

In the interview, Dr. Golob emphasized that, after its first decade of successes in which GEN-I achieved all trading objectives, the company decided to help customers transition to green energy, and to reduce the carbon footprint and improve services to increase customer satisfaction. The objectives of new services will have the same core values that GEN-I has pursued to date, such as providing customers the reliable and affordable self-sufficient supply of energy. GEN-I achieved this ten years ago when it entered the retail electricity and natural gas market. Now, through an innovative form of financing for the purchase of solar power plants, it has reduced the initial investment in this alternative energy source, thus making solar power plants accessible to all and opening the doors to a green future.

The company’s efforts to become the leading provider of green services are based on the carbonless self-production of electricity and the smart inclusion of new electricity technologies. 

You can read the entire interview in the article GEN-I: Green Energy Game Changers

Source: Time Magazine, March 2019


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