GEN-I expands its e-mobility services to Croatia

GEN-I, the leading regional player in the area of green transformation for a carbon-free society, which sees its mission in the implementation of advanced solutions for the comprehensive supply of energy, and Hrvatski Telekom, the largest provider of public and private electric vehicle charging stations in Croatia, have signed a cooperation agreement. The owners of electric vehicles from Slovenia and Croatia who use GEN-I’s e-mobility services will now be able to use the charging stations managed by Hrvatski Telekom.

GEN-I is focusing all of its intellectual knowledge on the development of new, green technologies of the future. GEN-I is striving to lead the area of e-mobility by example, as it has the most extensive fleet of electric vehicles for own use in Slovenia, and is thus proudly paving the way to a positive attitude towards the environment.

GEN-I is aware that a positive user experience is crucial for the successful transition to e-mobility. The company contributes to that experience with its e-mobility services. GEN-I already offers its users trouble-free charging at more than 200 stations in Slovenia. In cooperation with Hrvatski Telekom, it has expanded the aforementioned services to 150 new charging stations across the border. GEN-I’s users pay for e-mobility services as part of their monthly electricity bill.

“We are especially pleased with this form of cooperation, as we are bringing the residents of our region even closer to e-mobility services”, said Dino Novosel, head of the e-mobility project at Hrvatski Telekom.

“GEN-I always puts its users first. It is therefore a pleasure to develop advanced services that offer a solution for the simple registration, identification and payment of charging services, while at the same time contributing to environmental conservation and the reduction of the carbon footprint. Through our exemplary cooperation with Hrvatski Telekom, we have taken a step forward in the development of e-mobility in the region,” emphasized Maša Švab, head of e-mobility at GEN-I.

The partnership is an excellent example of bilateral cooperation between two companies, and improves the user experience for owners of electric vehicles in both Slovenia and Croatia. It overcomes the closed nature of the majority of existing systems in the public charging infrastructure in Croatia, and contributes to the improved profitability of charging station owners. It will also lead to an increase in the number of visits by tourists from neighboring European countries who drive electric vehicles.

GEN-I and Hrvatski Telekom welcome such cooperation, as it is in line with the strategic policies of both companies, whose operations are based on the exploitation of advanced technologies and solutions in order to encourage the preservation of a clean environment, with the aim of reducing harmful emissions and improving the quality of life for all.

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