GEN-I recaptures position as the leading supplier of electricity in Slovenia

“Trust is the basis for all partnerships. Our customers know that they always come first,” commented Dr. Robert Golob, President of GEN-I’s Management Board, after the Company captured first place on the retail market among suppliers in terms of market share.

GEN-I is the largest electricity supplier on the domestic market. The Company sold more electricity to end-customers last year than any other supplier. Its share of 18% is the highest on the retail market, meaning that the Company recaptured first place on that market after last holding that position in 2017.

For the fourth year in a row, GEN-I also remains firmly in first place in sales to household customers, where it holds a 24.6% market share. Data regarding shares on the retail market published by the Slovenian Ministry of Infrastructure show that consumer trust in GEN-I is on the rise and that the Company is strengthening its market position. “Trust is the basis for all partnerships. Our customers know that they always come first. GEN-I has been offering the reliable supply of electricity at the most affordable prices for more than ten years. After the outbreak of the coronavirus epidemic, we immediately cut electricity prices by 15%, making us the first supplier to do so and launching us to the head of the pack as the most affordable supplier on the market today,” said Dr. Robert Golob, President of GEN-I’s Management Board. All customers received reduced invoices in March.

GEN-I was selected as the most trustworthy brand among electricity suppliers again in March. GEN-I received recognition as Trusted Brand 2020 from one of the largest consumer surveys in Europe for the seventh time, as the winner among electricity suppliers in Slovenia.

In addition, GEN-I cut prices by 15% while government measures remain in force, and thus remains the most affordable supplier during this period of reduced prices. Here you will find a comparison of the standard prices of the largest electricity suppliers during the period of reduced prices.

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