ISO standards for quality management and environmental management systems

Sustainable operations are at the very core of the GEN-I organization. We recently presented to the general public our strategy to supply CO2-free electricity. Starting this year, all electricity supplied to our customers in Slovenia will be from sources that do not generate CO2 greenhouse gases. The GEN-I Group’s decision-making, management and operational work processes are also designed in accordance with our commitment to sustainable operations. To that end, our subsidiary GEN-I Sonce received certificates in January in accordance with two ISO standards, specifically for environmental management and quality management. 

During the certification process, GEN-I Sonce proved itself worthy of the ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 14001:2015 certificates in the areas of sales, the designing of solar power plants, and the servicing and maintenance of devices.  

The ISO 9001 standard focuses on quality management in such a way that quality management meets the requirements of customers to the greatest extent possible, where everyone that performs tasks in that regard are logically and effectively included in the quality management system. The focus of the ISO 14001 standard is on environmental management. That standard covers the fulfillment of legal requirements, the efficient use of resources and the prevention of environmental pollution. It is one of the most important tools for an effective corporate approach to environmental protection, and is used by organizations across the entire world. 

“Both certificates confirm that we operate in accordance with globally recognized standards. For us, they are confirmation that we have taken a high-quality approach to the development of our services according to the latest standards and best practices in the construction of solar power plants, in a way that offers an excellent overview of the environment in which we operate. We are thus highly motivated to achieve technological and procedural improvements in the future,” the Managing Director of GEN-I Sonce, Gregor Hudohmet, described the receipt of the certificates.  

Confirmation of the fulfillment of the requirement of ISO standards is also assurance to all existing owners of GEN-I Sonce’s individual and first community and apartment-based solar power plants that they have chosen the right partner for their long-term energy independence and electricity from renewable sources. Not only a partner, but also a consultant and contractor who maintains the highest possible levels of quality and environmental awareness from the very first contact. 



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