No changes in prices for Slovenian household consumers

Slovenian households, to which GEN-I provides electricity or natural gas, have nothing to worry about. Despite an extreme growth in energy prices on international markets, our prices will not change at least until summer 2022. 

In the last five years, we have accelerated investments in the digitalisation of our business operation and the green transformation. Advanced analytics and digital processes are crucial for the efficient management of market risks and extremely successful purchasing strategies by which we have managed to maintain constant prices for our household consumers even during the energy crisis. 

Caring for our consumers and competitive electricity prices represent our top priorities, since the first day of our entry into the electricity market. We have not increased our electricity tariffs in the regular price list for household consumers for more than seven years. Again, we share our business success achieved by successful trading with our loyal consumers even during the energy crisis. 

As the biggest electricity provider and a pioneer of the green transformation, we are aware of our responsibility towards society. To this end, we develop projects and services which enable our consumers to gain long-term savings and save the environment at the same time. For many years now, we offer households and companies their own solar power plants for a self-sufficient energy supply. There are already 3,000 solar power plants connected to GEN-I Sonce on the roofs of Slovenian houses. Now, we have developed a service, which will allow sustainable low prices also to those households in Slovenia, which do not have the possibility for a solar power plant on their roof. 

“We opened the door of Sončna skupnost GEN-I, the community, which will become the biggest self-sufficient community in the country. We will connect consumers from all around Slovenia with community solar plants and thus enable the self-consumption of electricity also to those households which cannot build their own solar power plant,” emphasised the President of the Management Board of GEN-I Dr Robert Golob in his presentation of the company's plans on providing stable energy costs. 

In the following year,  we will build our own solar power plants with a total power of 10 megawatts throughout Slovenia with our own assets. Within the next three years, our plan is to build solar power plants of 100 megawatts. The individual panels on these power plants could be leased by each household in Slovenia that will decide on whether to enter the community Sončna skupnost GEN-I. In doing so, the household will acquire green electricity with low and foreseeable costs for many years ahead. The plan is to provide electricity self-sufficiency to more than 25,000 Slovenian households over the next three years


What is Sončna skupnost GEN-I 

With Sončna skupnost GEN-I , household consumers will become independent from energy price fluctuations on the international markets since their consumption will be linked to the generation of electricity from community solar power plants. The lease of solar panels will enable their complete independence and self-sufficiency. Their electricity costs will decrease 60 to 70 per cent. Their electricity bill, including the costs of the panel lease, will be lower by up to 10 per cent compared to their current electricity bill.  

You can learn more about Sončna skupnost GEN-I here


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