Opening of a solar power plant on a production building, with financing from the EU’s Cohesion Fund

In cooperation with the company Skitti, d.o.o. the GEN-I Group presented the opening of a solar power plant on a production building, which was co-financed with EU funds earmarked for cohesion policy. It also signed a letter of intent with the Municipality of Zagorje ob Savi regarding cooperation in the set-up of solar power plants with the aim of establishing the collective local self-sufficient supply of electricity.

Figure 1: Together on the path to green transformation (from left to right: Robert Golob, Ph.D., President of the Management Board of GEN-I, Sergej Smrkolj, Managing Director of Skitti, d.o.o. and Matjaž Švagan, Mayor of the Municipality of Zagorje ob Savi)

The GEN-I Group’s objective is to make an efficient green transformation and transition to a low-carbon society possible for all of its customers and business partners. To date, we have set-up more than 1,000 solar power plants throughout Slovenia under the GEN-I Sonce brand and according to the principle “Leave everything to us, even financing”. This is further proof that Slovenian customers show us the highest level of trust. Today, the self-supply of energy from the sun is the most realistic and economically justified choice, even for business customers. The Municipality of Zagorje ob Savi is particularly aware of the importance of the rapid transition from old, fossil-fuel-based economic patterns to an advanced society based on green, low-carbon technologies. Zagorje ob Savi is one of the first municipalities to abandon the coal-based paradigm and can be praised today as one of the most advanced municipalities in Slovenia. The aforementioned municipality is living proof that progress can only be made through change. One of the objectives that it has set for itself for the future is “a solar power plant on every roof”. The first step in that direction was taken with the setting-up of a solar power plant on the production building of Skitti, d.o.o.

Skitti, d.o.o. is a family company with a long-standing tradition that laid its foundations back in 1965. The company’s values are based on the sharing of knowledge and experience, and commitment and responsibility to customers and employees. Its environmental awareness was the driving factor in the decision to set-up a solar power plant on its production building. “We came to a point where 40% of the energy used in the metal industry for processing will come from renewable sources, from the sun. We will thus reduce carbon emissions by 71,000 kg a year,” emphasized the company’s Managing Director Sergej Smrkolj. The solar power plant was constructed according to the PX3 scheme, with a maximum power of 138 kW and with planned annual production estimated at 146,280 kWh. The company’s estimated total annual savings in terms of electricity is €9,069, meaning close to €200,000 over the entire lifecycle of the solar power plant (calculated based on forecasts of trends in electricity prices). Funds for construction of the power plant were approved in the scope of the Operational Programme for the Implementation of the EU Cohesion Policy for the period 2014–2020.

The Mayor of the Municipality of Zagorje Matjaž Švagan has shown a great deal of support for entrepreneurship. “We are aware of the importance of the active inclusion of the local community in the continuous process of increasing the amount of electricity obtained from renewable sources. It is for this reason that we decided to enter into a partnership to implement the green energy solutions offered by the GEN-I Group.” By signing the letter of intent, the two signatories agreed on the inspection of municipal buildings and the drafting of proposals of potential solutions aimed at ensuring the partial or complete self-sufficient supply of electricity from solar power plants in the scope of individual self-sufficient supply or collective self-sufficient supply (such as the self-sufficient supply of an apartment building or as a community for the self-sufficient supply of energy from renewable sources), and solar power plants on commercial buildings according to the PX3 scheme. The final selection of buildings deemed appropriate for the implementation of innovative green technological solutions will be made based on those solutions.

Figure 2: Signature of a letter of intent for the implementation of green energy solutions (from left to right: Robert Golob, Ph.D., President of the Management Board of GEN-I and Matjaž Švagan, Mayor of the Municipality of Zagorje ob Savi)

“The GEN-I Group is spreading awareness about energy efficiency, the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions and increasing the proportion of final energy consumption from renewable sources. We are striving to mitigate the effects of climate change, expanding and implementing green technological solutions and achieving energy independence. As a result, we are also reducing the risks associated with fluctuating electricity prices. I assure you that we are well on our way to achieving those objectives. We have succeeded in making a significant breakthrough in the thinking of our partners, both from the private and public sector. Their perception of the situation is increasingly in line with our views concerning the implementation of a green transformation. Together we are seeking solutions to implement and couple our products with their activities. The results are tangible. What pleases me most is that each and every day we add another tile to the mosaic of a low-carbon Slovenia,” said the President of GEN-I’s Management Board Robert Golob, Ph.D.

Figure 3: View of Skitti, d.o.o.’s solar power plant

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