We will continue to transform ourselves while pursuing our vision

The focus of the GEN-I Group’s vision is a low-carbon society. In the pursuit of that objective, we began implementing activities for a green transformation within the Group first. The President of the Management Board, Dr. Robert Golob, spoke of how we approached those activities in an interview with the daily newspaper Dnevnik.

“The entire energy sector is on the cusp of a historic breakthrough. This is due to both the challenges brought about by the fight against climate change and the accelerated introduction of new technologies that will completely alter how the energy system functions. For this reason, all players in the energy sector must also change.”

GEN-I is adapting to the new conditions at all levels. A new world is opening before us in the area of employment. “We have broken down the traditional HR function into three elements with the aim of better addressing the challenges of our time. We have digitalized administration, and thus created the basis for the processing of traditional HR content. We have brought HR business partners closer to business areas as a form of direct support for decision-makers in their work. In part by hiring new employees with specific knowledge, we have designed a completely new HR function that will serve as the core of our new initiatives, through which we will change the work culture of GEN-I. Advanced analytics in this area, for example in the area of talent management, will be crucial.”

Two important initiatives that will characterize our future are the transformation to green and sustainable development, and the digitalization of everything. Introducing these two elements in the HR function is crucial for our future development. Starting in April, we will include all employees in the quarterly monitoring of objectives and key tasks, which employees will define together with their supervisors. We will add weekly verification through which we will regularly monitor and manage not only objectives, but also the well-being of employees in each of their tasks. “I’ve been using that tool myself for six months already. During that time, I’ve tested it on close to forty employees with different profiles, and I am now sure that we are on the right path,” was how Dr. Golob described his role in the establishment of the aforementioned system.

The entire interview with Dr. Golob is accessible at this link.


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