Creating Value through Advanced Supply Solutions and a Global Trading Strategy.


Households and small businesses

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Through a single sales infrastructure and recognised brands we guarantee reliable supply and significant savings for energy. Our new GEN-I Sonce service allows customers to become self-sufficient and take control of their energy supply costs by investing in a micro solar power plant. 

Affordable energy prices

  • One stop solution for electricity and natural gas
  • Simple and free switching of supplier
  • Friendly customer services
  • GEN-I Sonce for the self-sufficient supply of energy

GEN-I for small consumers

Large businesses and industry

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We enable access to international energy markets, provide various innovative structured products and ensure flexible contractual relationships with the aim of optimizing energy purchasing costs.

Tailor-made solutions

  • Competitive energy prices
  • Flexible purchase conditions
  • Customized service and expert advice

GEN-I for the industry

Global portfolio management

Energy Trading

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Proactive risk management achieved with a diversified portfolio, carefully chosen partners and access to numerous European markets. We are a flexible, reliable and responsive partner.

Expertise in Energy Markets

  • 24/7 trading
  • Present on 18 power exchanges and bilaterally
  • The entire curve, from intraday to long term 
  • Trading physical products and financial derivatives
  • Advanced analytical models
  • Advanced structured products

GEN-I trading


GEN-I recipient of the 2019 HR&M project award

In the large enterprises segment, GEN-I won the 2019 HR&M project award with its pilot project ‘HR Practice of Sustainable Development and the Importance of Knowing the Meaning of Transformation – Teams for Change’.

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GEN-I expands its e-mobility services to Croatia

GEN-I, the leading regional player in the area of green transformation for a carbon-free society, which sees its mission in the implementation of advanced solutions for the comprehensive supply of energy, and Hrvatski Telekom, the largest provider of public and private electric vehicle charging stations in Croatia, have signed a cooperation agreement. The owners of electric vehicles from Slovenia and Croatia who use GEN-I’s e-mobility services will now be able to use the charging stations managed by Hrvatski Telekom.

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Annual Report of GEN-I for the 2018 business year


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