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Assistance after the floods for our household consumers


Since our consumers are always our priority, GEN-I has joined in on the measures initiated by the Ministry of Environment, Climate and Energy in order to help the households who have suffered major damage during recent floods. From August to December 2023, the price of electricity for these consumers will only amount to 0.1 cent/kWh.

Recent floods that have affected the majority of Slovenia at the beginning of August have cut deeply into the lives of numerous families and individuals that will also be facing some complicated months ahead. The solidarity that once again found its place among the people of Slovenia in these trying times is especially meaningful. GEN-I is well aware of its importance, which is why our reaction was also swift. As soon as the rehabilitation of the flooded areas begun, we made sure that our employees were able to benefit from additional paid vacation days in order to repair any damage caused in their own homes and in the homes of their immediate family members. In addition, we also made it possible for our employees to benefit from a paid leave of absence to provide volunteer assistance in their local environments. This time around, we are joining in on the competent ministry’s initiative to reduce the costs of electricity for affected households. By reducing the price of energy to 0.1 cent/kWh until the end of the year, we wish to help these households (our consumers) by easing their financial burden during restoration and making sure that they can benefit from an accessible source of energy during this complicated period.


Electricity bills for households affected by floods and landslides

GEN-I partners with the Ministry of Environment, Climate, and Energy to offer reduced electricity bills for households affected by recent floods.

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Borzen’s Open Call

Notice on electricity bills for August for household customers who suffered significant damage from the floods.

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Assistance after the floods for our household consumers

We wish to help households who have suffered significant damage during recent floods by easing their financial burden during restoration.

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